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The Northern Nations of Eta

The First kingdom Edit

Location: The Westerra, bordered by the Tranquil Channel to the south, the Thur Sea to the east, the Zephyr Range to the West, and the Ice Clans to the North

Race: Human         

Government: Absolute Monarchy                  

Ruler: Alex 3rd King

Capital: Loudtown

The Alba Theocracy Edit

Location: The Easterra, bordered by the Grey Cliffs to the east, the Thur Sea to the west, and the Light Wall to the south (although most the population is on the banks of the Misty River and tributaries.

Race: Human & Angels

Government: Theocracy                        

Ruler: Topaz Demigod

Capital: Insomnia

The Kingdom of Rust Edit

Location: The Easterra, bordered by the Thur Sea to the north, the North Lorze to the west, the Rusty Desert to the south, and the Swift River to the East.

Race: Human         

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Ruler: John 32rd King

Capital: Rust City

The Marshlands Edit

Location: The Easterra, the inland delta, an enclave within Alba.

Race: Human                     

Government: Ruler: Queen Jessica      

Capital: The Hidden Isle

The Spice Islands Edit

Eta Map Combined JPEG - Cropped

The Southern Nations of Eta

Location: A lose affiliation of city states in and around  the Lorze Sea heavily influenced by the laws an d policies of the Republic of the Spice Islands. Includes the SI themselves as well as the cities of Manyan a, Morrinya, and numerous trade outposts in the South Lorze.

Race: Human

Government: Maritime republics

Ruler: Unknown

Capital: Red Rock, Spice Islands

The Vampiric Empire Edit

Location: The Westerra, primarily the west Vivid Forests, bordered by the Black slopes to the west, the Ward River to the East.

Race: Vampire

Government: Tribal Meritocratic Empire (generally a lose empire ruled by the holder of the Paradise of Rummel)

Ruler: Shale the Flamefisted

Capital: Moves with ruler and/or tribe of the ruler.

The Surfer Amalgamation Edit

Location: Westerra, the south coast of the South Lorze Sea.

Race: Blue Durth

Government: Matriarchic Gerontocracy

Ruler: Council of the Wise

Capital: Surfer City

The Durth kingdoms Edit

Location: Westerra, between the Zephyr Range and the Ward River. Mainly confined to the caves of Durthland.

Race: Grey Durth

Government: Republic

Ruler: Unknown

Capital: Artery city

The Thur Merrows Edit

Location: The Thur Sea

Race: Thur Merrow

Government: Constitutional Monarchy (holder of the Morrows Eye is the head of state, assisted by an elected council)

Ruler: The Morrow

Capital: The Orbita Cavern

The Ocean Merrows Edit

Location: The Thur Sea

Race: Ocean Merrow

Government: Loose affiliation of tribes and towns

Ruler: Unknown               

Capital: Surfer City

Other human groups include the Deep Forest Tribes (DFT) (who are protected by the First Nation), the South Islanders (a protectorate of the Spice Islands) and the Ice Clans (vassals of the First Kingdom).