Description: Edit

Thick blue skin, with tall relatively slim bodies. Large eyes with double lids.

Distribution: Edit

Localised to the shores of the Great Jungle in the south of Westerra, primarily on and around the beaches to the south of the South Lorze Sea.

Behaviour and Culture: Edit

They have a diet consisting largely of seafood and fruits from the forest. They live in wooden huts which line the beaches, or in tree houses near the shore of the sea or rivers. They are peaceful and nature loving. They worship no gods but have deference for the spirits of the forests and sea. They are notable in their use of surfboards as a means of transport and fishing, as well as sport.

History: Edit

The Surfers began as a tribe of Durths in the Durthlands who split away early in the 4th age. The tribe originally formed from the Durths who had an affinity for water and water magic splitting away from other tribes. These defectors formed a large tribe of Durths who enjoyed fishing and swimming on the shore of the Ward River. To avoid vampire attacks they migrated further southward each decade until they settled in the far south of Westerra.

During the mid-4th Age (around 3000BE) the Vampires declared war on the South Durths. The Bearer of the Paradise at the time proclaimed that all land west of the Ward River was sacred to Vampires and the South Durths were to be exterminated. The war that ensued lasted over 100 years.  The vampire attack was hindered by the crossing of the rivers and swamplands between their domain and the South Durth settlements. Vampiric numbers were far superior however. The vampires fought using swords and fire magic, whilst the Durths used spears and tridents, and favoured water magic.

For the South Durths participation in the war was voluntary, so the pacifists among them abstained from combat. For four generations the fighting continued, and gradually the Durths evolved to more skilled in water magic, as warriors who could defend themselves were more likely to survive the battles.  Nonviolence also became more common as those who chose not to fight were far more likely to live and reproduce. Eventually the Vampiric line of Paradise bearers was extinguished, and the new bearer ended the war. The race that emerged from the War was a change one. The Durths had become the peaceful and magically gifted race known as the Surfers.