Description: Edit

Distribution: Edit

The eastern Thur Sea, and the Doreanic Ocean

Behaviour and Culture: Edit

Merrows are a semi-equatic race, and spend all their time in and around the water. Their diet consists almost exclusively of sea creatures and sea plants. They are a proud and secretive people. They worship the demigod Aqua, and the stellar deities, particularly the Watchman. The holder of the Morrow’s Eye (the Merrow god gift) is the head of state of the Thur Merrows, and is deeply respected. The bearer takes the name/title “The Morrow”, and acts as the monarch in a constitutional monarchy.

The Oceanic Merrows are more tribal, and occupy many floating rafts across the Doreanic Ocean. They only come to land once a year, to repair their rafts.

History: Edit

The Merrows were the first extant species to split away from the firstlings. The firstlings were a semiaquatic race, and during second age a diversion occurred between the more aquatic and less aquatic groups. The more aquatic groups became the almost fully aquatic proto-Merrows and the more terrestrial group became the Secondlings.

In the 3rd Age, one tribe of Merrows discover the Orbita Cavern. Shortly after this the Morrow’s Eye Godgift was given to a Merrow living in the cavern, allowing the cavern to be lit as if by the sun. Shortly after this another group of tribes migrated south, eventually settling in the Doreanic Ocean.