Description: Edit

Externally almost identical to humans.

Distribution: Edit

Westerra, primarily the west Vivid Forests, bordered by the Black slopes to the west, the Ward River to the East.

Behaviour and Culture: Edit

The vampires have a largely carnivorous diet, but can digest plant matter when necessary. They are skilled hunters, and can easily catch enough game to survive. Historically they see no distinction between other sentient species and animals, leading to many cases of Vampires hunting and raiding Durth settlements and consuming murdered Durths.

They are pantheists with deep respect for nature. They believe in Hesperus and other gods, but do not worship them, seeing them as uncaring or ignorant. The leader and most powerful member of the Vampiric race is generally the wielder of the Vampiric Godgift, the Paradise of Rummel. As a meritocratic peoples, the Bearer of the Paradise is greatly revered by all Vampires. He is invariably leader of his clan, and his influence makes this clan the ruling clan of the Vampiric Empire, with most other clans generally swearing loyalty to the Bearer.

History: Edit

Like Durths, Vampires evolved from Thirdling. The two species became district during the 3rd Age, due to geographical isolation caused by the Ward River, combined with manipulation by Hefesus. They retained far more of the 3rdling physiology, but gradually became more magically adept, focusing on pyromancy. They also became more carnivorous, faster, and generally better suited for hunting.

After the Paradise of Rummel was gifted and the many Vampiric clans were united under its Bearer, the Vampires entered a golden age. They build many great works of stone and wood, and began their recorded history on the wall of the sacred Tome Caverns. Many clans ended their nomadic lifestyle and took up the farming and domestication of animals such as deer and pigs. This settling lead to urbanisation, and the formation of Eta’s first large cities.

During the Rapture War between Hefesus and Hera, Hefesus used his influence gained though the Paradise to call the majority of the Vampire people to war. He proceeded to march them over the Zephyr Range to the ice sheet north of the Thur Sea, where the Great Battle was fought. Many Vampires died fighting and of those that did not, many did not make it back to this homeland, and died of starvation and predation on the journey. This huge population loss resulted in the end of the new Vampiric civilisation and a return to their nomadic ways.